Applixware is a full-featured suite of integrated components designed for real world solutions and performance. The suite includes such modules as a word processor, a unique realtime event driven spreadsheet, programmable vector graphic tool, database interface, and much more.

Designed for UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems, Applixware provides solutions in varied environments such as mobile phone tower monitoring, aircraft manufacturing, highway traffic management, and finance with its set of realtime data engines for Windows and Unix.

Real-Time financial data engines

Applixware 6.2 includes the following Real-Time engines:

• Reuters SFC C++ API 4.6.3 L1 (Linux)

Applixware 6.1 includes the following Real-Time engines:

• RMDS: Reuters SFC C++ API 4.5 .1 L3 (Solaris, Windows)
• RMDS: Reuters SFC C++ 4.4.5 E1 (Linux)
• Bloomberg V 1.9 (Solaris, Windows)
• Reuters Triarch 3.01.F61 (Solaris, Windows)
• Reuters TIBCO Rendezvous RV 6.6.5 and TIB 9.4.5 SR 4.0.1 (Solaris, Windows)
• TIBCO ci Server: TIB API 9.2.11 (Solaris)