Vistasource RTSHARE allows Excel to Excel communication in an entirely new way.
It’s the mesh network concept applied to Microsoft Excel®. With RTSHARE, Excel cell data can be shared between multiple users in Real-Time whether they are in the same office, same city, or in another country, without requiring a central node such as a server or database.


RTSHARE uses Excel’s RTD technology, TCP/IP protocols and our own experience in Real-Time solutions to assure robust data communication.
RTSHARE does not use:

  •     Obsolete DDE connections
  •     DCOM
  •     Windows shares
  •     Data Vendor API’s.


The update speed of live data between two workbooks on the same machine can be within tens of microseconds. Between workbooks on distant machines the speed will depend on the quality of the network link.

RTSHARE includes optional per-user permissioning functions in order to secure the data being shared.
BETA version

As you can imagine, we have a number of ideas & features we wish to add to RTSHARE, but due to it’s originality, we would like to gain some feedback first. As a temporary measure, RTSHARE is included in the RTW installer.
Let us know your thoughts!