Vistasource RTW is a robust, economic solution for anyone who needs to capture, manipulate, and publish Real-Time market data from within Microsoft® Excel. An independent alternative to expensive data-vendor solutions, RTW allows you to use multiple data sources with one product, in the same worksheet. RTW also comes with its own API, enabling you to extend RTW’s functionality or develop your own application from scratch.

RTW Data Engines
thomson reuters
RTW means choice! We supply two engines that enable you to access the Thomson Reuters RMDS data feed. Each engine is built using either the Reuters SFC API or RFA 7 API.

Which engine should you use?

In a nutshell our robust SFC engine is supplied for customers who require significant but not extreme performance, whereas our RFA engine is supplied for customers seeking the highest possible throughput at the lowest possible CPU usage and fastest possible response times. Migrating from Reuters PowerPlus Pro to RTW is also simpler with our RFA engine, we supply the information to help you do this.
Our Bloomberg data engine allows the use of Vistasource’s engine technology to obtain and manipulate Bloomberg data within Microsoft® Excel. Setup is simple – it requires just your installed Bloomberg terminal application with a valid login.

Our realtime Netfeed engine does not use resource-intensive DDE, instead it uses modern socket-based communications that bring a more robust and efficient solution to the intensive requirements of a day trading environment.

RTW users may also be interested in QuantlibXL, a C++ analytics library for Excel with 1004 functions that support market data and pricing for a variety of instruments including bonds, options, swaps, swaptions, and caps/floors.

Custom data engines

Do you have a Real-Time data feed not mentioned above?
Would you like us to develop a custom engine for it?